Streetwear is everywhere. Stroll around the city on any given day and you will encounter quirky and clever t-shirts with the words, “Ain’t Laurent Without Yves,” across the chest, or maybe a snapback hat with the same message.

Streetwear fashion is the newest trend and it even seeped into the audiences of runway shows at this year’s Fashion Week. While similar tees, hats and tank tops are carried in stores like Urban Outfitters, Reason Clothing and online, Jeanine Heller’s clever play on the luxury name, Yves Saint Laurent, is the original.


The appeal of street-wear is its edginess and humor and the small play on words has created a full-fledged trend, especially with early 20-somethings.


Snapback: $36Picture 10Sweatshirt $72Picture 9

Tank $38

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-Ashley Steele