A few years ago, Long Island high school friends Ryan Camenzuli, Greg Coffey and Bryan Daly started making music. At first, they were just a couple of guys making noises: tribal poly-rhythms, buzzing guitar lines, frantically flowing bass walks and layers of vocal harmonies. Now, about three years later, these guys, known collectively as Wild International, are releasing Lake Tones, their first EP, and have transformed all these experimental ideas into a clean, well-produced album of fairly intriguing experimental pop music.

The EP offers a good glimpse of what this band is capable of, with an even mix of frantic noise rock (like in “Wayfarer”) and more subdued melodic dream pop (see “Mayoridad”). The music is fun, but contemplative, and often aurally surprising.

Along with picking up their new EP, available December 18, check out Wild International this Saturday at 8:00 p.m. at Shea Stadium BK. The Lake Tones‘s track listing and a preview of the album’s first single “Creeks” are available below. You can also visit Wild International’s Facebook Page to learn more about this exciting new band.

Matt Essert

Track Listing:

  1. “Waterflaws”
  2. “Emosteg”
  3. “Young Wayfarer”
  4. “Creeks”
  5. “Dreams”
  6. “Mayroidad”