How do we get rid of dull skin, acne, oversized pores, and just about everything else that plagues our skin, and do it all simultaneously? The Clarisonic.


Using sonic vibration technology, the Clarisonic isn’t simply a brush to reduce acne, it gets to the source of the problem as an exfoliator. The root of most acne is caused by dead skin trapped in our pores, and with the addition of makeup and overproducing sebaceous glands, outbreaks are likely. Although, they can be immensely reduced if we stop using our hands and start using the brush.

The Clarisonic cleans 6 times deeper into your skin than fingers ever could; there’s a reason it’s the #1 brush recommended by dermatologists!

How it works: A one-minute session that breaks incrementally in 20-second and 10-second intervals. Designed to dedicate the appropriate amount of time to each part of your face; the brush should only be used for the entire minute otherwise you might put yourself at risk of skin irritation.

How to use it: (Before) Make sure skin is cleansed and washed prior to using the brush. If you decide to use it while your makeup is still on, you increase the risk of blemishes. The brushes purpose is to penetrate and clean the pores, but if you have the entire day’s funk still resting on your skin, the brush won’t work to its full potential.

How to use it: (During) Apply your everyday cleanser to your skin with your hands. Then, let the brush do the work. Make sure you move swiftly because you only have a few seconds to cover each part of your face. When placing it on your skin; rest it gently because the brush spins at a high speed. Avoid pressing it into your skin for a ‘better’ clean because you’ll only irritate and inflame the skin.

Maintenance: Once you’ve finished washing your face, rinse the brush thoroughly, then place it face down on a towel to air dry. If you lay the brush on its back, overtime, the water trapped within can begin to form mold. As for the brush head – it should be replaced every three months for optimal performance.

Clarisonic recently unveiled a men’s version of Clarisonic, titled Alpha Fit. Equipped with a bulkier head to penetrate skin and stubble, leaving your beard, and the skin beneath super clean.

Also, Clarisonic has some exciting news coming our way for the holiday season! A special collaboration has allowed them to place an artistic print on limited edition brushes. We pinky promised to keep it a secret until October, but stay tuned for the awesome reveal in two weeks! It’s sure to be on the top of your beauty must-haves for the holidays!


By: Yasmine Rimawi