Yesterday, New Yorkers were amazed when a football game broke out before and after an amazing Beyoncé concert.

Okay, maybe she was only the Halftime Show headliner, but there is no doubt  that her exhilarating performance made her the highlight of this year’s Superbowl Sunday. In fact, many speculated that the power of her performance and reunion with the the other members of Destiny’s Child was so draining that it cause the third quarter blackout at the Louisiana Superdome.

Her stage presence was sexually charged and electrifying, literally (we’re pretty sure the blackout is on her). We can really only describe the show as FIERCE – yes, in all caps – which included dazzling light displays and fiery special effects, the surprise reunion, and the leather-lace costume ensemble that left millions of Americans with their jaws on the floor. Not to mention the superstar featured her best backup dancers yet – in a spectacular stage video montage of herself. Genius.

Fans are still going gaga over the concert, hailing it as the “best Superbowl Halftime Show ever.” With more than a 100 million viewers nationwide, Beyoncé was at the center of social media buzz, generating 5.5 million tweets during her performance alone, a quarter of all tweets posted throughout the game. Even her new hubby, famous rapper Jay-Z, gave her a shout-out.


It was the most tweeted Superbowl of all time, with all of America typing witty reactions to every crazy second of Beyoncé’s concert.







Happy #BeyonceBowl, everyone!

Watch the whole performance at

–Alina Heim