Weekly Moving Tip From FlatRate #12


FlatRate has all the resources to make sure that your move is as seamless as possible! These include great tips that you can use on your next move:

Packing Up Your Books

Use small-to-medium sized boxes. No one, whether they are movers or your friends, wants to pick up a large box of hardcovers that weighs more than a St. Bernard and lug it down the stairs to the truck. Be considerate of your helpers’ lumbar region. Buy actual book boxes or find free boxes that won’t break under the strain. Stay away from containers that were used to store food at some point. Leftover oils, moisture or food particles could damage the integrity of the box and damage your reading materials. Better yet, donate a bunch of your books and buy a Kindle to feed your reading habit.

-by FlatRate Moving; providing moving and storage services to ensure that you have a perfect moving experience.