FlatRate has all the resources to make sure that your move is as seamless as possible! These include great tips that you can use on your next move:

Packing Electronics:

You can always try to pack your computers and your flat screens on your own. You can hunt down the right boxes, even pay for them, and then still have to find enough bubble wrap or packing peanuts (who still uses packing peanuts?) and get them all packed up. And, don’t forget, before all that, you’ll need to take a picture of the wire setup so you know how to put it all back together at your next place. But that takes a lot of time.

Time you could spend taking care of any other part of the moving process. There is another option. Pay someone else to do all that. Have your moving company take down, pack and transport your electronics. Then, at your new home, they can work through all the tangled wires and HDMI connections. If you are going to be stashing your electronics for a month or more, make sure to find a proper, climate-controlled storage area.

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