Ways to Spice Up Your Hot Chocolate

Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia.com

During the cold winter, there’s nothing better than cozying up to the fireplace with a warm cup of hot chocolate. However, instead of drinking the same thing every day, why not kick it up a notch and try something different? Here are a few ways that you can use to take your winter drink to a different level.

1. Add ice cream

This may sound counter-intuitive since the point of hot chocolate is to help warm you up. But adding a scoop of ice cream to this winter drink is a perfect way to balance between something that’s too cold or too hot. The ice cream changes the texture of the hot chocolate, making it deliciously creamy and thick. For this, try to use a flavor that goes well with chocolate, such as vanilla or, of course, chocolate!

2. Add peppermint

Peppermint is another ingredient that can help give your drink a refreshing kick! Just put in a peppermint stick, wait for it to dissolve, and enjoy the new taste of your drink. Unlike the ice cream, the peppermint stick will help the hot chocolate retain its temperature and texture.

3. Add coffee

Many people need a cup of joe in the morning, so why not use this popular drink to make your hot chocolate even better? This savory combo will keep you warm and help you wake up at the same time. Plus, it’s delicious!

4. Add maple syrup

With Christmas around the corner, you’ve probably seen the movie Elf. Well, Buddy was right-maple syrup does go with almost anything! Put some of this sticky stuff in your drink it to make it even sweeter.

5. Add hot sauce 

When we say “spice up your hot chocolate,” we really mean it! Adding just a little bit of hot sauce can do big wonders to make your hot chocolate even more flavorful.

-by Connie Lee