Ways to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions

New Year's fireworks with champagne
Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia.com

A new year means a fresh new batch of goals and resolutions.

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself, a lot of people forget about their goals when the snow melts and the holiday leftovers are gone. Here are some tips to keep yourself going strong after the novelty has ended.

1. Set up reminders for future dates

Many times, people stop pursuing their goals just because the grind of everyday life makes them forget. To stop yourself from forgetting, try setting up reminders in advance. For instance, if your goal is to get in shape, plug in a reminder on your phone for two weeks from now. So in two weeks, you’ll receive a notification telling you to hit the gym or watch your diet. Keep doing this throughout the year to keep yourself on track. And every time you get that notification, set up the next one right away.

2. Pursue your goal with friends 

There’s nothing like having a strong support system to keep yourself going. By having other people around you with the same goal, you can create a positive atmosphere around yourself and motive others at the same time. It’s also a great excuse to meet up with your friends and have fun!

3. Get long-term subscriptions 

If you’re goal requires actively signing up for something, such as a language class, try to sign up for multiple months at a time and hang up the receipt in a prominent place. A constant reminder of the money that you spent might help you stay motivated to pursue your goals. You might also get a discount for signing up for a long-term subscription!

4. Set small step-by-step goals

If you’re overall goal is to run a marathon by the end of the year, don’t stop there. Make a list of small steps that it will take to get there. How much you start off running every week? What will your diet be? Breaking down your big goal into small steps makes it more seem more attainable and easier to follow.

5. Tell people about your goal

Tell people around you, such as your friends and family, about what you hope to achieve. This can make it seem more like a tangible, concrete goal rather than just a half-baked idea. Plus, this can expand your network of support. And if someone doesn’t believe that you can do it? Then use it to motivate you more!

-by Connie Lee