Wax Club in TriBeCa


These days, there are clubs and subscriptions for everything. From activewear to blowouts, once you find what you like, you’ll want it to keep coming — or keep coming back.

Part of this thinking led to the Wax Club — a membership-based waxing salon, starting at a monthly fee at $99 per month, will take care of any and as many waxes as their members want.

“I saw an untapped niche in the market and realized waxing was something both males and females do on a regular basis, but monthly upkeep is costly. So, it became clear to me that unlimited waxing offered at a monthly fee [would] be the next big thing,” said Julia Davydov, co-founder of the Wax Club.

The duo behind the concept, Marcy Kornblum and Julia Davydov each bring a different set of skills to the club. While Kornblum has expertise in realty and marketing, Davydov is an accomplished salon proprietor and together they’ve created a waxing salon with beautiful amenities, a great staff and excellent services.

“[Julia] came up with the concept, I came up with the name – then I found the location, and the rest is history,” said Kornblum.

Upon entering the space, you’re met with a glass of bubbly that makes your waxing experience feel very exclusive and (almost!) enjoyable. We’re not going to lie…waxing is never going to be a joy, but the Wax Club makes for a smooth experience.

With nine rooms, the salon has the space to accommodate its members seamlessly. Once whisked away into a room, the staff is professional and fast, giving you a great result for whatever your needs are.

However, with it being a club, they wanted to make sure that the members felt welcome and not tied down when signing up.

“We don’t want anyone to feel handcuffed,” Kornblum explained. “With my real estate background I’m used to doing leases and sales contracts, but people want flexibility. You stay for three months, then you can cancel it anytime without penalty or reason.”

The spot in TriBeCa is the first and currently only location, but the duo are working on some big plans to grow the club. They’re looking to expand, first within New York City and are — without wanting to jinx it — looking at a spot on the east side of the city.

“Within the next six months we’re opening up our second location, and then looking to expand throughout the US,” explained Kornblum. “But first focusing on New York City and growing our brand here.”

“We have set our goals high, achieving above and beyond every step of the way. We cannot wait to see all our hard work pay off, and to see our baby grow. From day one, Marcy and I knew this idea would be a big hit, and to see our clients and even the press rave about us is an indescribably amazing feeling,” said Davydov.

Services include everything from fingers and toes to Brazilians and manzilians — the male equivalent of the popular wax treatment. Check out more about pricing, the membership and services on their website.

Photos courtesy of the Wax Club