Unsilent Night in Washington Square Park

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Photo: Courtesy of Aleba & Co.

Get your boom box ready; Unsilent Night, a holiday parade of sorts, is happening tomorrow in Washington Square Park.

Phil Kline is the composer behind Unsilent Night–in an interview with Flavorwire, he states that the event was a bit of a response to the drunk Santas at Santacon (which also occurs tomorrow). The event is somewhat of a parade of boomboxes with each participant getting one of four music parts in a cassette, CD, or mp3 which everyone plays at the same time as they march.

Kline’s event started in 1992 with a few friends and some tapes; it has now grown to an annual tradition in 101 cities and four continents. The family friendly event lasts approximately 45 minutes and is a fun, free time of joy and music. Kline always leads the New York City event, as it is where the concept originated.

For more information on how to participate, click here.

-by Kari Sonde