Nysa City, Poland, by Toni Silber-Delerive

This year, the Upstream People Gallery will host The 15th Annual Landscape Juried Online International Art Exhibition where just twenty-seven artists were hand-picked to represent to showcase their work. One of the very talented featured artists featured is award-winning, Toni Silber-Delerive of New York.

The Tribeca-based artist graces this show with her signature style of aerial perspective imagery. Born in Philadelphia, she studied painting at the Philadelphia College of Art and graphic design at the School of Visual Arts. Now she is an established Manhattan-based artist and graphic designer, whose work is represented in private and corporate collections around the world and has been featured in many exhibitions.

Of particular note among the many examples of her award-winning work in the exhibition will be the  the painting “Nysa City, Poland.”

Silber-Delerive has specialized in  aerial-view paintings which represent the many diverse locations and contemporary landscapes seen from the artist’s point of view. Her style of work is aimed to combine a new perspective with a sharp display of the power of color and composition.

“Realistic in my perception and approach, I paint aerial views that represent the diverse places and spaces of our contemporary landscape with a focus on compositional aesthetics and color to communicate perspective,” says Silber-Delerive. “One discovers in the aerial vantage point, a modern perspective and fresh visual vocabulary. The flattened surface plane reveals tenuous textures of abstract space, providing pictorial milieu and verve. It offers a viewpoint of reduced depth and a different perspective, creating less predictable detail and more abstract shapes while retaining the essence of the area. Drawing from the elevated position of high-rise buildings and commercial jets, I produce images of cities and towns, factories and farmlands, power plants, suburbs, and highways.”

About her own piece of work, ‘Nysa’s City, Poland’, Toni states; “Seen from above this is a suburban upscale housing complex in Eastern Europe, although it could be anywhere… The landscape has been reduced to an abstract representation/”

The exhibition can be viewed online throughout the month of July at