Top Hotel Bars for Cocktails and Cooling Down


Dedicated Sex and the City viewers will remember the moment when Charlotte York announced “Everyone knows you only get two great loves in your life”…we don’t know about you but we’ve already met ours; they’re called cocktails and air-conditioning.

While rooftop bars and restaurant gardens may supply temporary shelter under large parasols, it’s time to escape to the cool comfort of a fully air-conditioned, luxury hotel bar. Especially as New York City was recently predicted the sweatiest city in the United States this summeraccording to a study sponsored by Honeywell Fans.

Abandon your work desk, grab your bag and your colleague, and try one of Downtown‘s four favorite NYC hotel bars tonight!

NoMad Hotel

Photo courtesy of NoMad Hotel

You could call the creators of NoMad overachievers; personally, we’d call them innovators. Instead of offering you just one bar, they’ve got two. Hidden away in the extravagant hotel is the swanky 24-foot long mahogany lounge known as The Elephant Bar, as well as the tavern-inspired, pub-like NoMad Bar. However, you’ll have to settle for one bar until August 1st, as the latter is currently getting refurbished.

The Oyster Bar at the Roxy

Photo courtesy of The Oyster Bar at the Roxy Hotel

What’s makes air-conditioning and cocktails even better? Fresh oysters, that’s what. And clams. Ceviche. Mussels. Crab, prawn, lobster… Sorry, what were we talking about? Ah, yes, the bar. Drop by tonight, listen to resident pianist Michael Garin and wash down the ocean’s finest with a drink special. As you probably know, oysters are an aphrodisiac; you might even meet someone to share your seafood with.

The Lobby Lounge & Garden at the Ludlow

Photo courtesy of Annie Schlechter

Unassuming yet exclusive, if you don’t love the Lobby bar, there’s something amiss in the world. Plush, comfy sofas and chic brick wall interior cement the electric atmosphere, while the cocktails created by bar director Thomas Waugh will take the edge off a long week. Ease into the weekend and enjoy your new cool, air-conditioned nirvana.

Chambers Hotel Bar

Photo courtesy of The Chambers Hotel

Located above Má Pêche — translates to Lucky Peach — the hotel restaurant part of the Momofuku Group, the bar in Chambers is modern, slick and stylish. No prying eyes or awkward stares, just order a cocktail and enjoy your own company. Or chat to the bartenders, the service is impeccable. After the drink, scoop up an ice cream with cereal sprinkles from the Milk Bar to savor during the cab ride home or have dinner downstairs — try the soft shell crab, it’s heaven.