The big game is only a few days away and the New York Giants are very much in it. Super Bowl XLVI’s kick-off is this Sunday at 6:30, but the festivities begin long before then. So whether you’re having some friends over for a homestyle blow-out, or heading out to a bar or restaurant to enjoy the game with fellow fans, here are some dips you might want to keep in mind to enjoy one of the biggest eating days of the year.

1. Seven Layer
2. Onion (made with Onion Soup Mix and Plain Greek Non-fat yogurt)
3. Spinach and Feta
4. Crab
5. Mango Chutney
6. Velveeta and Rotella
7. Blue Cheese
8. Sweet and Sour
9. Hot Fudge
10. Hummus (We recommend the Trader Joe’s Variety Pack)