Today the Dominique Ansel Kitchen is Offering Soft Serve Ice Cream: Go and Get It!

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Today is the day; ice cream lovers! Dominique Ansel, the creator of the infamous Cronut has done it again, except this time he is offering a sweet treat to enjoy on the upcoming hot summer days in downtown NYC. Ice cream season has arrived and today at Dominique Ansel’s new restaurant location, The Dominique Ansel Kitchen located in the West Village, is offering soft serve ice cream.

Anyone who is familiar with Chef Ansel’s creations will know that he doesn’t stick with just your usual dessert flavors. Ansel’s kitchen has added an ice cream window and will be offering two heavenly flavors: A burrata soft serve that comes with balsamic caramel and a confit strawberry tucked inside. The second flavor is gianduja flavor with salted hazelnut brittle, a sprayed-on orange mist, and sea salt. Each delicious flavor will be served in a homemade cone for $7.

So where exactly can you go to first in line? The window will be located at the Dutch door on the side of Dominique Ansel Kitchen. It will be open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon until 9:00 p.m.

by- Albany Reed