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Ah, New York. With a population of eight million people, the living situation is understandably crowded, leaving people with very limited space and a feeling of discomfort living in such small quarters. But luckily, there are ways to make your tiny studio apartment feel much cozier and more like home.

1.) Use a light to neutral color palette when decorating your home

Lighter or neutral colors, especially with the flooring, give a smaller space a more airy and spacious feel to it. Try incorporating a variety of cream, gray, and brown hues into your apartment to give it a larger feel. A statement piece of furniture, artwork or other knickknacks can help give your space depth and showcase your personality.

2.) Look For Bargains

Always be on the lookout for the next great find! Bargain hunting can help out a lot when trying to modernize and decorate your apartment. You can find pieces at a flea market or other home sales for really cheap, and mix old and new pieces to create a playful, but cohesive space.

3.) Find Furniture That Fits

Especially when confined in a limited space, you will need to find furniture that can accommodate your living situation! Try finding versatile furniture that can be used for multiple things (this can also be great for storage purposes). Or, if your looking for some sort of kitchen or dining room table, find one that has benches since you can tuck them under the table when they are not in use.

4.) Get Creative with Storage Space

Make use of every nook and cranny in your apartment. If you live in a studio apartment, or even a one-bedroom, you won’t have much room to store extra clothes and belongings. You can try storing things on your walls vertically, from your bike to your jewelry. If you need more space for your clothes, you can purchase copper piping from a hardware store and use it as a clothes rack, which also can give your apartment more character.

So try out some of these tips, and get decorating!

by Jackie Hart

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