The Nantucket Music Festival Holds NYC Kick-Off Party at Christopher Peacock


The Nantucket Music Festival hosted a kick off party earlier this week at Christopher Peacock Flagship Showroom in Midtown to celebrate the  first-ever Nantucket Music Festival which launches this August 2 and 3.

Nantucket Music Festival (NMF) is a two day and night celebration of music including many genres of music, representing world renowned to local musicians. NMF takes place in beautiful Tom Nevers Field overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. NMF also includes a variety of artisans with their crafts along with a sumptuous selection of food and drink for sale. NMF is committed to donating twenty percent (20%) of net profit to the Foundation Fund to Benefit the Nantucket Community Music Center.

The event was co-hosted by Bose and International Luxury Media.

The Bose Party And Kick-Off Reception For The Nantucket Music Festival
From left: Wendy Schmidt, NMF Co-Executive Director Cheryl Emery, NMF Co-Executive Director Cynthia Dareshori, Gina DeFranco, Christopher Peacock.

Guests were treated to a taste of summer and were served Maine lobster, jumbo shrimp, and an All-American Sirloin tasting. A special cocktail, “The Whisper,” was provided by The Most Romantic Wines of the World.  After dinner, desert drinks, combinations of wine and cognacs, were mixed up by Bon Fun Spirits and Eclipse chocolates.

The Bose Party And Kick-Off Reception For The Nantucket Music Festival
Bose’s Jim Bamm presents the prize of a set of speakers to Ms.Rachel Dianne Jean Miles (cousin of Wyclef Jean).

The guest list included Eric Lysdahl and Meryl Erlanger, Bose’s Jennifer Mallett, Wendy Schmidt of ReMain Nantucket, Gina de Franco, Kelly Wright of Fox News, Billboard Music producer Mr. Rick Garson, Victoria Gunn, CEO of Bon Fun, Mr. Michael Barsella, Bravo’s Chef Bruce Adams, Lyn Paulsin, Cheryl Emery, Cynthia Dareshori, and Rachel Miles of the Wyclef Jean Family. All of the guests participated in Bose’s luxury gift drawing.

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