Karen Amster-Young and Pam Godwin are two New York City friends who got bored.

They both had successful careers, had started their own families, and were living in one of the biggest cities in the world. Still, they felt “stuck.” In order to get “unstuck,” the friends made a pact to try something new every week for one year. The book about their experiences, The 52 Weeks: Two Women and Their Quest to Get Unstuck, with Stories and Ideas to Jumpstart Your Year of Discovery, was published by Skyhorse in November of last year.

Karen Amber-Young and Pam Godwin
Karen Amster-Young and Pam Godwin

The book combines their adventure stories with sound advice and lessons learned. Abstractly, it seems like a small goal- just one new thing a week- but in practice it was much more challenging than Karen and Pam expected. They had reached major life goals- careers, marriage, children- but the minor things were giving them more trouble than any of those. They soon experienced the joy and satisfaction from succeeding at smaller tasks. The ladies took ballroom dancing lessons, test-drove sports cars, and went to shooting ranges. They rid themselves of all stagnant feelings and renewed their enthusiasm for life and all of its adventures.

Readers and fans can take their own 52 week challenge on the book’s website

Charlotte Bryant


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