Tara Walker’s Rejuvenating Dream Serum 100+ Concentrate and Perfecting Dream Creme

Now that it is officially spring (and eeking to actually feel like it) we can say goodbye to all our winter blues – dry, dehydrated and stressed skin included. As women, we are forever looking for beauty products that will keep us looking our ageless, and DOWNTOWN has uncovered another one for you to add to your cosmetic bag (minus all the preservatives and nasties often found in skin care products).

Meet Tara Walker, founder of her namesake Tara Walker’s Dream products, which are uniquely formulated with over 100 of the finest quality botanical and marine ingredients from all around the globe. Winner of the Travel & Leisure Design Award for The Best Travel Beauty Product, this line of luxurious moisturizers and serums cater to all skin types (including sensitive) and work to brighten, tighten, hydrate and refine the skin.

Start off with the The Rejuvenating Dream Serum® +100 Concentrate ($99) and the Perfecting Dream Crème ($69). The first is a basic standalone serum and an ingredient in the five additional Tara Walker’s Dream products, containing 109 antioxidant-rich active botanicals, essential oils and no pore-clogging oils, perfumes or chemical additives.

For optimum results, use the Perfecting Dream Crème in conjunction with the Dream Serum to keep your skin soft, supple and moisturized. Enriched with vital biodynamic ingredients, the Dream Crème helps protect and maintain healthy looking radiant skin.

Thanks to the high concentration of antioxidants, Dream products are also ideal for addressing all visible signs of aging, including fine lines, deeper wrinkles, discoloration and sagging and diminish signs of redness, dryness and acne. The gentle range of products also helps soothe skin that has been traumatized by sun exposure, environmental stress and even laser treatments.

Careful consideration has also been put into the highly recognizable packaging. It was designed to protect the all-natural products from contamination and maximize its shelf life. Each product comes as five individual re-sealable tubes in a sleek metal tin ensuring optimal freshness. The tubes’ designs are also TSA-approved, making it easy for travel.

Products available online at www.tarawalkersdream.com and www.apothecarieny.com.

–Julia Giampietro