Sunset Boulevard Still Shines Bright On Broadway

Glenn Close and Michael Xavier bring old Hollywood to Broadway
As someone once wrote, in Hollywood, celluloid heroes never die — and in the case of Sunset Boulevard, they are reborn in a grand style on Broadway!
Glenn Close revisits the role that won her a Tony back in 1993 when she brings tragic, Golden Age movie star Norma Desmond to life once more with a vibrancy and magnetism not seen since Gloria Swanson.
Close is a master actress whose attraction is anything but fatal.
The story of the fading legend is classic Hollywood comfortable revamped with all the luster the lights and sounds of the Great White Way.
The revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s classic combine his infectious music with the story that became synonymous with the seamy side of the movie business in 50s to create a spectacular show for today.
Like Swanson before her, Close creates a sympathetic character who cannot adapt to the changing world around her.
Unlike Norma, who is a relic of a bygone era, Close remains as vibrant as the day she took home the Tony 24 years ago. And while not a classically trained singer, masters the music Webber gifts her with to entertain in the grand fashion that matches the shimmering glory her character find so elusive to regain.
The story is told by a dead man floating in Norma’s pool — Joe Gillis, the hack screenwriter seeking a quick buck at the expense of the over-the-hill actress seeking an unrealistic comeback.
When she takes him into her mansion to bring some life back into her own, he delivers betrayal instead and receives the just reward that sends him swimming laps into the great beyond.
It’s a familiar tale to classic film lovers, but it’s tragedy delivered with delicious majesty.
Glenn Close brings Norma Desmond back to life
The stirring music is delivered with grace and power by the large and talented orchestra. The actors relish their campy parts, but deliver equal parts pathos and joy with style and enthusiasm.
The unique vertical staging is both economical and majestic.
And Norma’s return — while tragic — is soaring, as it rides the wings of Close’s talent.
The show is on a limited run at Times Square’s Palace Theatre on 47th and Broadway until June 25.
So make sure YOU run to see this show…while you still can!
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