Summertime Radness With BOXYCHARM

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Charmers, delight! This month’s BOXYCHARM box has arrived, and upon unboxing you’re greeted with a message that reminds us the heat is being bought this July. We certainly can’t argue there with this month’s box containing five full-sized luxury products that embody the theme of Summertime Radness.

The July 2015 edition is BOXYCHARM’s best yet, beating it’s monthly predecessors, because this one contains daily staples and you’ll love each with equal intensity. Packed with a mix of cosmetics and haircare that are daily routine essentials: a mascara, an eyebrow pencil, a setting powder, a heat protectant and a blush brush. Undeniably, July bought the heat with this box of wonders. Now, let’s meet the products:

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gorge* I’ll make you look amazing daily spray: ($29.95) An aromatic blend of lemon and coconut, each spritz will have you thinking something is baking, and fortunately it won’t be your hair, because along with this sprays many functions; it’s a heat protectant! Heat damage is a thing of the past with this leave-in conditioner, as it repairs, prevents split ends and minimizes hair breakage. And, it’s super lightweight!

How to use: Spray on damp hair, (for best absorption,) and style as you normally would. Though, even after your hair is dry and styled, this spray works just as well to run through the ends of your hair for added softness and super shine!

MDMflow Greater Than Mascara: ($35) Encased in a sleek gold metallic packaging, this mascara knows a thing or two about volume. However, it isn’t waterproof so avoid canon-balling into the pool with this one! This product is brand new to the U.S. through BOXYCHARM, and it’ll make it’s official debut at the end of this month.

TIP: Always have a fresh spoolie on hand when applying mascara. Incase of any pesky clumps from over coating your lashes, the extra untainted spoolie will pull them right out and separate your lashes without the added product, super simple and super effective.

yourMinerals Transparent Veil Setting Powder: ($26) If we had to choose a box all-star, it’s this powder. HOLY MATTE. This transparent setting powder mattifies and smooths on contact by settling into every pore, fine line, nook and cranny on your face. The product is finely milled, so be careful to avoid a mess. Though, the results are conclusive: this is a summertime must-have as our faces naturally produce excess sebum during the sunny months, it’s perfect for oil control.

Vasanti Professional Blush Brush: ($29) Admittedly, this brush was used to set my concealer under my eyes with the aforementioned setting powder and it works beautifully. However, it’s just as perfect for it’s intended purpose, blush application. The nylon fibers hold the product into place on the brush and distribute it evenly to wherever you apply. It’s a bit thinner than your average fluffy blush brush, but that just makes this brush multipurpose, as it works just as well to apply a defined and sculpted contour with your bronzer.

OFRA Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil: ($13) This pencil has warm undertones and is very creamy. It takes a few strokes to see a see difference on your brows, but, that’s a good thing because those with a heavy hand won’t make a stark mess. Eyebrow application is best done with a light hand and buildable strokes. The best part? This pencil is waterproof; a necessity for the summer because it’ll hold onto your skin and hairs even if you get a little sweaty or decide to hit the pool!

BOXYCHARM subscriptions retail for $21 a month, but for five full-sized items, you’re getting every bang for your buck. The contents of this month’s Summertime Radness box total up to $132.95. If you haven’t subscribed by now, you’ve probably got ‘that summertime sadness.’

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for August. Stay tuned, Charmers!


By: Yasmine Rimawi