Stay at Home Beauty and Grooming Routines

Stay at Home Beauty and Grooming Routines

The great news about staying home, we’ve been able to have a little extra time for our team to sample self-care brands



Veronique Gabai has an attachment to the culture, the refinement, the sense of aesthetics, and the pure beauty of France. Born in the Cote d’Azur, in Antibes. Mediterranean by heart, by birth, by origins.

We had the pleasure of sampling her body lotion and delectable travel perfume and case.



“La Crème” is a magnificent lotion, fast applied, fast absorbed, incredibly moisturizing with hydrating properties. Highly concentrated in fragrance and enriched with rose water, it is another way to scent your skin.



I’m in love with this travel case. It’s small enough to fit in any purse. A gorgeous piece looks like a piece of jewelry. Just slip in your favorite scent and go!



Menja’s leading men’s skincare company has received overwhelming queries during the quarantine. Men are using this stay at home time as a positive to stay healthy and ramp up their grooming regimen. Due to this demand, MËNAJI created the @Home Men’s, Grooming Kit. Our COO enjoyed this cooling eye gel after long days of cycling.




Nothing like have a great scrub after a long hot summer day, men, be sure to take care of your skin. Beauty and treatments are not just for women!

Shaving is both a pleasure and a chore, but having a good quality razor and shaving cream can make this daily grooming a pleasure.


Bottega Organica oil + water mist is made from cold-pressed olive oil infused with plants and fruits combined with hydrosols that are collected by steam-distillation of spring water through plant material. When shaken and sprayed, this combination rejuvenates the skin with the dual action of nourishing and moisturizing.





Fables Neroli & Frankincense Hydrating Facial Mist is a dual-action hydrosol and toner; combining the healing and antimicrobial power of Frankincense Oil with the rejuvenating, regenerating powers of Neroli Oil. This mist contains a wealth of beneficial ingredients specifically chosen for their ability to transform the skin into its most radiant self. Aloe Vera and Rose Water open the heart and hydrate your face, while Witch Hazel helps to clear congested pores and balance oil production. This formula is free of alcohol and is pH balanced, ensuring that even the most sensitive skin will benefit from this product.




Nothing like finishing a long day at work, or coming back from a hard workout, after a shower, we enjoyed sampling the neroli and frankincense hydrating mist. It feels cool and refreshing, gives that little pick me up, needed.


Fables Sea Clay & Goats Milk face mask is perfect for oily or acne-prone skin. Sea Clay, which is rich in magnesium, potassium, sulfates, and calcium helps absorb skin impurities and tighten dull weathered skin. Goats milk helps to balance the skin’s PH while infusing trace minerals, omegas, and fatty acids. The perfect solution for combination, or troubled skin. Our editor loved their sea clay and goat’s milk mask, it made her skin felt smooth and moisturized.


At first, we were not sure about this facial cleanser, never using a charcoal cleanser, after our first use we were hooked. We are looking forward to seeing the slow down in cellular damage. We’ll keep you posted!

Fables Turmeric Charcoal & Copaiba Facial Cleanser is a high vibrational powerhouse. Activated Coconut Charcoal deeply detoxifies the skin while Turmeric (the Golden Goddess of medicinal herbs) reduces inflammation with antioxidants and slows down cellular damage. Lastly, this cleanser is infused with Copaiba Essential Oil, known for its intense anti-inflammatory and hormonal balancing abilities.


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