Photo: Leah Reddy

Earlier today, The Rev. Dr. James H. Cooper, rector of Trinity Wall Street, rung the “Bell of Hope” in the churchyard of St. Paul’s Chapel (Broadway and Fulton Street, Lower Manhattan) in remembrance of the victims of the Aurora, Colorado movie theater attack. The bell has been rung following the bombings in London, Madrid, Mumbai and Moscow; for the Virginia Tech victims; for the Oslo and Utoya Island, Norway victims; and on 9/11 anniversaries. It stands as an enduring memorial, symbolically tolling on occasions that pay tribute to victims of these terrible attacks and terrorism.

Following the tradition of New York City’s firefighters salute to fallen comrades, Trinity Wall Street’s clergy rang the bell in four sets of five rings.

The Bell of Hope was a gift to the City of New York from the City of London after the attacks on the World Trade Center and was presented by The Lord Mayor on the first-year anniversary of September 11th. Made of bronze, the bell was created from the foundry in the East End of London where the original Liberty Bell was cast more than two centuries ago.

Historic St. Paul’s Chapel, part of the Parish of Trinity Wall Street, is located directly across from the World Trade Center site.  Spared from destruction, “the little chapel that stood” was home to an extraordinary eight-month volunteer relief effort after the 2001 terrorist attacks.