Spring 2015 Hair Trend: Coming-Undone Styles

Spring 2015 Hair Trend: Coming-Undone Styles
Photo: Courtesy of fashionisers.com


Whoever said bed head was a bad thing? The Spring 2015 Hair Trend is called the “coming-undone” style. The messy bun that you perfected back in high school or the braid that didn’t quite make it through an entire work day has never looked so good. This look was even featured on the runway at Creatures of the Wind. With the help of your natural hair or a quick brush though, this look is quick, easy, and chic.

The beauty of this look is that there are many different inspirations to base it off of. You can start from the skater-girl inspired angle or the low, relaxed, extra loose and lived-in style. For a pretty girl angle, the retro half-up hairstyle is fun, youthful, and can be dressed up for more formal events. Whether your “coming-undone” look has plenty of wisps around the face or not, it can be styled as you please. Dry shampoo and volumizing spray may become your best friend in the process, adding a minimal amount of extra time to the process.

The days of early mornings with blow dryers and curling irons have been put to an end. The “coming-undone” style allows for comfort, convenience, and high-fashion. The style gives off a casually chic and relaxed vibe for every occasion. This look is the perfect balance between an elaborate undo and a casual pony tail. Whether you are grabbing lunch with friends or attending an up-scale gala, this is the perfect Spring look for you and your hair. While we would like to think ‘undone’ means getting out of bed and forgetting our basic grooming skills, it actually means casually cool. So while it is an effortless look, admirers will have no idea how easy it was for you to make happen.

-by Deirdre McAndrew


Spring 2015 Hair Trend: Coming-Undone Styles
Photo: Courtesy of morgan-makeup.blogspot.com