Spotify is moving downtown

Photo courtesy of Spotify


Photo courtesy of Spotify

Spotify — the world’s leading music streaming service — launched in Stockholm, Sweden in 2008. Founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon brought it to the United States in July 2011, and about a year there, Spotify had one million paying customers. Currently, Spotify has around 40 million paying subscribers and 100 million active monthly users.

This week, it was announced that Spotify is moving downtown into World Trade Center’s WTC4 building. “Spotify’s move to World Trade is another win for our unique environment,” said Downtown Magazine CEO Grace Capobianco. “Coming from Sweden, Lower Manhattan will certainly offer a work life quality like no other in New York. This new leasing is yet another success for the Silverstein organization, chair of our board.”

The New York City ties of Spotify also expanded earlier this month with the announcement of a partnership with the New York Times. The two companies are part of a joint subscription offering in which subscribers can opt into both NYT and Spotify subscriptions at a discount. This arrangement is comparable a partnership Spotify had launched with The Times Of London in 2014.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Spotify!