Small Spaces, Big Green Ideas


Micro - Green Kits

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Even in small Manhattan apartments, it is important to make room for life and bring vegetation into your home. A small space should not limit your garden or your imagination.

It doesn’t matter if it’s in your apartment, office or studio. By using creative ways you can play with nature, plants and flowers to add a taste of nature to your daily activities. There are easy, great ways to make a big gardening impact from the bathroom to the hallway.

A hanging planter can go anywhere you have natural light, including a balcony. In a wall planter you can mix flowers in different colors to add to the decor of the season or to brighten up a boring area. Do you want to make the kitchen a pleasurable place as well? Make a kitchen garden-in-a-box with matching herbs and peppers.

The office is also a place where you can add a little bit of green to your day by decorating with a vase or flower boxes to cheer you up and brighten the atmosphere!

Check out some of our favorite ideas and make the most of your small space with these big ideas, and prove that small size is not an excuse for not having the garden you’ve always wanted.

-Maria Zanetti and Thais Morais

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