Will Change Your Life



Technology has revolutionized nearly every aspect of our lives. Engineers are always working on ways to make complex tasks simpler, and inconvenient processes a piece of cake. Now they’ve done it again–and this time, it’s life-changing. Introducing, a website that will solve your sleep problems, once and for all.

Perhaps David Shaw, creator of, was feeling groggy when he first thought of his revolutionary website. He noticed that even when he had more rest than usual, instead of feeling well-rested he felt more tired. That’s when he began to research.

Shaw discovered that the average sleep cycle lasts about an hour and a half, leading to 4-6 cycles a night. So he started planning his nights: he’d time his sleep perfectly to achieve the right total of sleep cycles.

Eventually, he created, a sleep cycle calculator. The site determines your ideal sleep schedule: simply enter your wake up time to see when you should hit the sack, or vice versa. But remember, the average adult human takes 14 minutes to fall asleep, so plan accordingly!

With this site and a Starbucks, you’ll be ready for the city that never sleeps!