6 Shades for Summer


The blistering heat of August is only a week away and we know firsthand how hard it can be to keep up your fashionable appearance. When it’s this hot, intricate outfit choices that are in vogue take a nosedive and make way for floaty dresses and the season’s finest accessory: sunglasses.

Downtown has selected six fabulous shades that will keep you looking stylish, no matter how hot it gets.

WYETH Eyewear

Photo courtesy of WYETH Eyewear

As you’d expect super-stylish hipster sunnies to be, the CALYER MATTE shades were designed in Brooklyn, so you know they’re on trend. The glasses are gandmade in Italy from the finest Mazzucchelli Acetate and available in standard or polarized lenses. Pair them with a soy-milk-extra-foam-caramel-unicorn-frappuccino and you’re good to go.

Price: $215.00

Vint & York

Photo courtesy of Vint & York

There’s something ‘je ne sais quoi’ about Vint & York. Maybe it’s the way the brand categorizes its sunglasses by Retro-Vintage, Geek Chic and Hipster, or the fact that their Instagram feed speaks to our inner style goddess. Either way, you’ll be holding onto these Blue Nose sunglasses as if they were the last seat on the subway all summer.

Price: $129.00


Photo courtesy of Ray-Ban

A sunglasses list isn’t complete without a pair of Ray-Bans. We’re favoring the made-for-a-rave, playful BLAZE specs in round frames. Available in six colors, we recommend you get two pairs. Wear the classic green mirror lenses during the day and in the evening, switch to sultry pink mirror that’ll shine as you dance to the beat during this weekend’s Panorama music festival.

Price: $195.00


Photo courtesy of DKNY

Who said your 2017 summer fling had to be with a person? Take a break from your usual black shades, and embark on a wild romance with translucent blush, gold-tone dash lines and ombre effect lenses. Aptly named RUNWAY, the shades were seen on the SS17 catwalk. Also available in black with mirrored or red lenses.

Price: $129.00


Photo courtesy of eyewearconnection

Hollywood glamour meets Italian chic. The thick black frames are ideal for hiding tired eyes following impromptu after-work sessions. Gucci’s eponymous green and red stripes add an extra touch to an already fabulous pair of sunglasses.

Price: $150.00



Photo courtesy of MOSCOT

There’s nothing wrong in keeping things simple, and that goes for sunglasses too. Suitable for any occasion and made of the highest quality, you’ll treasure these YUKEL  shades for years to come.

Price: $300.00