Self-Image & Attraction Secrets


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Inbar Tomer Harel’s latest book, Self-Image & Attraction Secrets, discloses how to be and to do anything you want by combining Ancient Wisdom with latest science research. Instead of spending years of hard work on methods that will make you work on a single aspect of yourself, and invest a lot of time and money, discover the secrets of self-image and attraction in a way nobody ever told you before!

Want to know how to improve self-image and attraction with some simple but deep knowledge?

Inbar connects the spiritual and material worlds so you’ll be satisfied by the way you feel and the way you look. This is a four dimensional knowledge that makes you enlarge your life energies on a mental, energetic, physical and emotional levels. This book is a unique guide that proves you the power of the awareness of who you really are, starting from the molecular level, going through your thoughts, consciousness, and finally to the result of who you are right now. Actually, you are getting the secret key to the simplest way of choosing your own path. At the time you understand nature and why things work in nature, you get a glimpse of the mind of the divine Intelligence.

Who is Inbar Tomer Harel?

Inbar is the author of the book Beyond Beauty: Simple Steps to Irresistible Presence. She is also the creator and developer of the unique Miracles Mentoring Method, making you the creator of your life per your heart will, physically and mentally. Thanks to her 15 years of experience of mentoring people, treating both the way they feel and the way they look, Inbar understood that true beauty doesn’t have enough standing alone, it is directly linked to both physical and spiritual levels.

Self-Image & Attraction Secrets is a new and revolutionary practical guide to reveal the most meaningful secrets about how to get what you really want in your life as being your life creator. It shows a process of creation according to every will in the universe. It discloses strong tips to explain you the intelligence that stands behind the results, in order to create your own reality. A book that shows the underlying ideas of every successful method! A way of working on yourself that makes you independent and free to attract and be what you want in your highest ideal. Here, you’ll discover the method called Scientific beauty which is about the combination of scientific and nature rules to create beauty, a beauty that works on alchemy, and on how to turn energy into matter and emotion. The Miracle Mentoring Method is based on timeless truth from the Ancient Wisdom and on results of advanced scientific research on beauty. All the means were put in this book to make a deep knowledge from the most influential wisdom simple and approachable to anyone. This is a revolutionary method in the field of mentoring.

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