RMA of New York Opens New Clinic Downtown


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Lower Manhattan is continuing to become more of a place to start and grow your family. With more and more couples settling downtown, it only makes sense to have all of a parent’s needs in one area. Reproductive Associates of New York is solving that problem for their patients by opening a clinic in Downtown Manhattan.

On Thursday, June 26, RMA of New York invited guests to attend a ribbon cutting for their new clinic located near the intersection of Broadway and Houston. Guests toured the new office and enjoyed delicious meatballs by Ristorante Rafele‘s and other treats by GoodPop, Clean, Lean and Sexy, and drinks by Red Jacket Orchards. Langdon Florists provided flowers for the clinic and ribbon was provided by Bloom Florists.

RMA of New York has been recognized as one of the top IVF centers and their success has allowed them to open many clinics throughout New York City. With the population growing in Downtown Manhattan, the new clinic is opening to provide convenience to patients in the area.

“Traditionally we think about New York as a leader in fertility care,” said Dr. Alan Copperman, a co-director of RMA of New York. “People from all over the world come to New York because the success rates have been so high. With the demographic changing downtown, I think it’s time we want the great fertility care in downtown Manhattan and not just keep it in midtown or uptown.”

The new downtown clinic will help decrease travel time for patients. Former RMA patient, Denise Courter, knows first hand that a closer clinic will benefit the patients. “For myself, as a former patient of RMA, I was having to get on the subway or take a taxi almost every day because you have so many different follow up visits,” said Courter. “I was spending a lot of time in taxis and so now to have RMA downtown is fantastic. It’s a great benefit for couples that are trying to get pregnant. I am so happy to see these well known people and this well known brand come downtown.”

Drs. Jaime Knopman and Sheeva Talebian are the Reproductive Endocrinologists that will work patients in the new clinic. They are both graduates of Mount Sinai School of Medicine and are passionate about helping people take the needed steps to start their families.

“There’s not really too many options for women who live downtown with respect to reproductive endocrinology specialist,” said Dr. Sheeva Talebian. “I think it is going to add a lot to people who live downtown and are interested in building a family.”

Aside from the benefits that the clinic offers, its opening is special to Dr. Knopman because of her relationship with Dr. Talebian. The two have been friends since their teenage years and feel honored to work with one another after knowing each other for so long.

“This is a big moment for me,” said Dr. Knopman. “Dr. Talebian and I have known each other since we were 14 years old, so now to be able to work with someone who has been one of your best friends for most of your adult life and to see and work with people who have known you when you were so much younger, it all just comes full circle. I feel very privileged.”


Left to Right: Sheeva Talebian MD, Brook Bennett, Margaret Robinson, Lawrence Grunfeld


Left to Right: Mary Sabo, Hrishikesh Karvir, PhD, Karen Hunter, PhD, Aleksandra Lacka


Left to Right: Danielle O’Brien, Victoria D. Andretta, Natan Bar-Chama, MD, Benjamin Sandler, MD


-Jordan Tidwell

-Photography by Joseph Amella, Jr.