The Rink at Brookfield Place Returns


Even though it doesn’t quite feel like winter yet, winter is coming. And with it comes hot cocoa, shopping for holiday gifts and, of course, one of our favorite winter activities: ice skating!

This Saturday, Nov. 4, the Rink at Brookfield Place returns for its fifth season. Situated on the waterfront between North Cove Marina and the iconic Winter Garden at Brookfield Place, the Rink invites residents and tourists alike to enjoy this wonderful winter activity while being surrounded by breathtaking views of both the cityscape and the Hudson River.

The skating rink is open to the public and an entrance ticket will give you 90 blissful minutes of gliding over the shiny ice. The Rink also offers upscale ice skating programs for men, women, and children hosted by Olympians Melissa Gregory and Denis Petukhov.

Later this season, the Rink will host a grand scale opening ice show, called “Stars United” on Sunday, December 3, 2017. Gregory and Petukhov will be joined by fellow Olympians, Kimmie Meissner and Jeremy Abbott for an evening of skating performances, live music, and Cirque-style performing arts. Adding to the fun, musicians Kristine W, Jason Walker, and Autumn Turner from The Voice, will fire up the chilly crowd with special musical acts.

Get ready for a fresh season of skating. Find out more about hours, lessons and events by visiting the Rink’s website.

Photos courtesy of the Rink at Brookfield Place