Rick Owens Designer 2021 Never Fails to Impress

Rick Owens Designer 2021 Never Fails to Impress
WWD Rick Owens


Designer Rick Owens was born in the United States, in a small town in CA, called Porterville, in November 1961. His mother worked as a part-time seamstress, and from an early age even with his conservative upbringing, he realized quickly that catholic school was not for him and soon became a rebellious teen. From his teen years, he started to take an interest in art. Soon attending the Otis College of Art and Design in LA. Leaving after only two years relating the study of art to studying the priesthood.

Moving on to the LA trade college to study pattern cutting, this was his first step into fashion. 

After a few years, Rick took a job working with a firm making patterns, learning how to knock off famous designer patterns. 

Now a Paris-based designer with somewhat wild and very innovative collections has done it again!

Starting from humble beginnings earning his nickname The Lord of Darkness, in the industry, selling his own label back in 1994 exclusively to Charles Gallay.

Owens debuted his new collaboration with Converse at the Fall 2021 show in Venice. Named the DRKSHDW, the designer gave yet another iconic, distinctive design and work of art to Chuck 70.


Rick Owens Designer 2021 Never Fails to Impress
Rick Owens


Owens has Influenced countless designers, with his gothic aesthetic fashion-sportswear hybrid, offering gender-neutral designs, and always in cool seasonal colors. His designs and cult-like persona can be found in undiscovered boutiques, yet don by some of the largest names of hip-hop. 

To date, Rick Owens has one of the largest cult following. 

The designer’s first-ever show took place right here at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2002. The show was sponsored by American Vogue with help from Anna Wintour after Kate Moss was spotted wearing one of Owen’s leather jackets in French Vogue earlier that year.      


Rick Owens Designer 2021 Never Fails to Impress
Rick Owens 2021 Vogue


Owens opened a fashion line out on Hollywood Boulevard in LA, with a debut in womenswear. Soon moving on to menswear, known for his outlandish design on classic silhouettes with his signature black.                                             

 “When I think of Converse, I think of the black and white Chuck Taylors and the punk rock generation. These have always been iconic pillars of my aesthetic,” the designer said. “Wearing Chuck Taylors, you align yourself with a generation that was experimental. There is a confident dynamic to the subculture.”  Rick Owens                                       


Rick Owens Designer 2021 Never Fails to Impress
Rick Owens Vogue 2021


Owens collaborations with brands like Adidas, Converse, museum exhibitions, even a Prehistoric furniture collection, show that Rick Owens will never let his fans and or the design world down. We can count on Rick’s unique designs to keep coming.                              

“When I see something ubiquitous, I feel like I want to distort it,” Owens admitted. “I don’t know what that’s about. Maybe it’s some kind of adolescent rage. But that’s one of the greatest appeals of the Chuck Taylor All-Star.” Rick Owens


If you have never experienced a Rick Owens show, his choice of music and clouds of fog is more memorable than any 1970’s grunge punk movie.