Rejuvenate Your Skin After Pregnancy

Photo: courtesy of
Photo: By Nigel Barker, Courtesy of Kirk Myers fitness
Photo: By Nigel Barker, Courtesy of Kirk Myers fitness

Kirk Myers, top celebrity fitness trainer, knows what it feels like to have stretch marks and feel insecure about loose stomach skin. Even though he didn’t go through pregnancy, he lost 100 pounds and it left some remnants. For this reason, he can relate to pregnant women. There are several ways to deal with post-pregnancy skin.

After having a baby, it can be a struggle to gain back the same body as before. However, it doesn’t have to be. There are several fitness tips that should aid in the rejuvenation to a better looking and feeling body.

Skin firming creams are great when rubbed around the tummy and thighs twice daily. Some of these include Lamaze Post-Pregnancy Rejuvenating Cream and Nivea Body Skin Firming Moisturizer Q10 Plus.

Breastmilk is 50 percent fat and contains enriching nutrients for baby’s growth, so breastfeed whenever possible. This enables you to burn up to 500 calories a day and lose belly fat.

Protein also helps because it builds lean muscle. This increases the tone of muscle and has tons of nutrients like collagen to help regain skin’s elasticity. Collagen is a key factor in the post-pregnancy period.

When looking for creams, the best ones are collagen-based, like Reviva Labs Elastin and Collagen Body Firming Lotion or St. Ives Collagen/Elastin Lotion. The collagen is a skin-tightening agent and restores the elasticity in skin. Creams with Vitamin E are also effective for healing skin. In addition, cocoa butter helps in reducing appearance of stretch marks.

Last, but not least, drink tons of water. This is not a new concept, even for pregnancy. Water not only helps during nursing, but it is a wonderful way to take care of skin and maintain its health and elasticity.

So get your body back into its form post-pregnancy with these great tips!


Photo: Courtesy of Kirk Myers
Photo: Courtesy of Kirk Myers


-by Kirk Myers and Tanima Sen