The team at Ralph Lauren has lent a hand to the American Olympic team by designing the uniforms for the upcoming Olympic Games.

An important note is that this year, the uniforms are made right here in the USA, a result of the criticism that Lauren suffered when it was made known during the uniforms he designed for the 2012 London Games were made in China.

The uniforms for the opening ceremonies at the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics, which commence on February 6, are made entirely in the United States, and with products from across the country thanks to partnerships with 40 other American companies.

This year’s look is a red, white and navy and emblazoned with oversized stars and stripes, the button-up knit cardigans and hats  are as bold as the American team and have received mixed reviews. made a similar observation: “It’s almost like an ugly Christmas sweater vest mixed with some yoga pants,” according CBS News This Morning. The Today Show was  slightly more kind. describing the “knit patchwork cardigans” as featuring “a classic color palette of red, white and navy” that is “quite patriotic.”


Photo Credit Ralph Lauren

“It is a privilege to be part of dressing Team USA during the Sochi Games,” said David Lauren, the executive vice president of advertising, marketing and corporate communications. “It’s a proud moment to watch these premier athletes as they walk out representing our nation on a global stage in front of billions of people worldwide.”

The Olympic clothing line is for sale on the Ralph Lauren website. All proceeds from the $595 will benefit the U.S. Olympic Committee. The Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony will take place on the second night of the Games on Friday, February 7th . 

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