Don’t Miss This Summer’s Prettiest Drink


Earlier this month, Pressed Juicery teamed up with NYC steak joint Quality Eats for the drink this season.

But, be sure to get it while it’s hot because this cocktail isn’t sticking around. This week is your last chance to stop by Quality Eats and get a taste of this summer’s prettiest drink, the Unicow.

‘Unicow?’ you might ask. How did that name come about? At least, that was our first thought. But, there’s an explanation.

“The Unicow is sort of the unofficial mascot for Quality Eats. Coincidentally, the colors of the pink & blue lemonades were very Unicorn-esque,” explained Bryan Schneider, Quality Branded’s Bar Manager.

The Unicow is made up of vodka, Saint Germain, and pineapple and gets its vibrant ice cube colors from the limited edition Pressed Juicery X Vogue Lemonades.  

Schneider quickly saw that the lemonades would look great frozen into a cube, and created a cocktail as refreshing as it is pretty.

“I tried to match the subtle antioxidant botanicals in the lemonades with an equally herbaceous and delicious cocktail,” Scheider explained.

The Unicow is available through Labor Day at both Quality Eats’ Upper East Side and West Village locations. Do it for the Insta and yourself, you’ll love the drink — it’s the perfect last cheers to summer.