Q&A: Sophie Lasry, The Newest Ambassador of Marina B Jewelry



Sophie Lasry

Marina B jewelry isn’t only known for their beautiful accessories, they’re also applauded for choosing admirable spokeswomen. Talents such as Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lopez have engraved their mark as successful brand ambassadors for the company. Those are big shoes to fill for the next ambassador who comes along, but representatives for Marina B don’t need to appear on the big screen, or sell over 30 million album copies worldwide to qualify; Marina B looks for anyone who is committed to their product and entirely devoted to the brand.

With this in mind, Marina B recently selected socialite and philanthropist, Sophie Lasry, to be the new ambassador of Marina B jewelry. Marina B and Lasry collaborated throughout the Spring for the launch of the company’s latest jewelry set of the summer, the Cardan Collection. Her campaign was shot by famous photographer Fadil Berisha.

Daughter of American Hedge Fund manager, Marc Lasry, Sophie has participated and hosted events such as the “100 Women in Hedge Funds” Charity which benefited Action on Addiction, a British based charity founded by The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. DOWNTOWN Magazine sat down with Lasry herself to have her tell us what she’ll be doing with Marina B, and what she hopes to take out from the experience.

D.M.: What motivated you into working with Marina B Jewelry?

Sophie: There were different factors. I approached Paul Lubetsky back in November to ask him for information about what the company was about. He told me how Marina Bulgari began her company and I thought it was fascinating how someone like her could make a brand so big from decades ago. Overall, what the company stands for is what drove me into joining Marina B.

D.M.:What makes Marina B stand out from other jewelry lines?

Sophie: Marina B has a lot of feminine essences coming from its founder, Marina Bulgari herself. She puts a lot of her personal taste into her pieces and has a clear idea of the style that women mostly look for.

D.M.:What have you learned from this experience?

Sophie: With hard work and perseverance, anything is possible. I went out of my comfort zone, not knowing much about jewelry, but Paul mentored and guided me into the industry. It is all about believing in yourself and in the people you work with.

D.M.:Were you a big fan of accessories before you signed on?

Sophie: I fell in love with brand the more I learned about each of their collections. I like the Cardan collection in particular; in the photo session I had with the brand, I was wearing Cardan necklaces and earrings.

D.M.:How closely do these pieces suit your personal style?

Sohpie: The best thing about Marina B jewelry is the wide variety of their pieces. You can dress them up for black-tie events and galas, or dress them down for school or just a walk around the city. There’s so much to pick from and each look has a meaning. I now dress my style to match the jewelry.

D.M.:How have you been able to lend your personality to the campaign?

Sophie: My personality is what got me to fall in love with the brand. Their colors are so lively and fun. I was able to wear every piece one time or another and I adored them all; you can go from sexy to fun to formal with these phenomenal pieces. When so many people can dress it to their style like Jennifer Lopez and Mila Kunis, that’s how you know how great these pieces are.

D.M.: Where and when do you wear these pieces in your personal life?

Sophie: Everyday. I wear the Cardan collection to school every single day because it makes me feel special regardless of how I’m dressing. When I go out for an event or a party, I always find a match to best suit my outfit.

D.M.:What does it mean to be a brand ambassador?

Sophie: It means to have someone who is passionate about the brand, someone who believes in it. It is a privilege to grow with the company and go wherever it goes. It has definitely been a challenge but I have learned a lot from this unique opportunity. They are dedicated and helpful in all aspects. It is a wonderful environment to be in.

D.M.:Does it feel like a big responsibility?

Sophie: In the best possible way; there is nothing bad about it.

D.M.: Do you have a favorite jewelry piece? Which one?

Sohpie: I love all of their jewelry, but my favorite pieces are the necklaces from the Cardan collection. They are sexy, chic and I can dress them in a casual or formal manner.

D.M.:Tell us a little more about your experience with 100 Women in Hedge Funds.

Sohpie: I’ve worked with 100 Women in Hedge Funds since I was 14-years old. My aunt Sonya, who introduced me to it, and all the women there have been such good mentors to me. In October of last year, we headed to their gala in London to be a part of the fund raiser they were doing at the time. We collaborated with Action in Addiction, which is a charity focusing on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and support for family and children with siblings battling addiction. 30% of our proceeds went to that charity.

D.M.: What was it like to host the 100 Women in Hedge Funds Charity?

Sohpie: It was an honor definitely. For me, to come all the way from Philadelphia and be a part of this event is such an opportunity, and to work with Amanda Pullinger, CEO of 100WHF, and Mimi Drake, President of the same is indescribable. The best feeling of it all was to give back and to host such a successful event. To feel what it’s like to give back when you have the chance to can fill you with so much happiness.

D.M.:Have you worked or met with anyone directly in the Action on Addiction program?

Sohpie: I got the chance to meet Kate Middleton, your royal highness. It was a unique experience. It is amazing to listen to someone speak so passionately about something like Action on Addiction. Being able to give back to that is everything.

D.M.:What’s next for Sophie Lasry?

Sophie: Right now I am just going with it, just enjoying anything that is in front of me. The opportunities I’ve been given recently, I still can’t believe it! I wish to be part of many more fundraisers in the future. I am going to balance everything out and see where life takes me from there.

Sophie Lasry is currently a senior at U Penn., Majoring in Communications. 

The Marina B Flagship store is located at 30 East 57th Street, between Madison and Park Ave.

– Luis Cuevas