Interview: PinchParties Brings the Party to Your Doorstep



Your next party can be planned right down to the very last utensil

These days, everything can be solved with just a mouse maneuver and the click of a button. From ordering clothes to hiring babysitters, it seems as if technology now offers everyone a one-stop solution to help navigate their everyday lives. And now, the same goes for party planning, a task people either love or hate it. For some, picking out new champagne glasses and tablecloths is exciting; others dread the chore with every inch of their being. If you fit the description of the latter, PinchParties is one of those convenient websites that you should be adding to your list, and we promise that it will make your day a LOT easier.

Think about shopping for a pair of shoes online–you add them to your cart before checking them out. That’s how easy PinchParties makes it to plan anything from a sophisticated dinner party to a personal tasting event. With three versatile themes to choose from and customize, your guests will be blown away by the quality of your next fete; they’ll never know that you had a little help. Cost plays only a small factor in the equation, with every package only a portion of the price you would pay for a party rental company or a private party planner. While a silver package with basic necessities will set you back just $250, the platinum package which comes with a catering service of your preference will only cost you slightly above $300, depending on which catering service you select.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Thank Julia Capalino, founder and owner of PinchParties, whose company makes party planning simply and affordable for New Yorkers on a tight schedule or budget. DOWNTOWN wanted to know what inspired this business-savvy blogger/entrepreneur to start her career on this path, and here’s what she dished out to us:

1. How did you come up with the idea for Pinch Parties?

I founded Pinch Parties to ease the daunting task of party planning because parties should be fun, not work. Our site makes it as easy as possible to plan big events such as bridal showers, engagement parties,and birthdays in just minutes. We deliver a pre-styled party to your door and provide everything from the flatware to the flower arrangements at an affordable price.

2. Are clients allowed to customize their Pinch Parties?

At Pinch, we offer a wide variety of looks, and all our parties feature elevated style. We provide items that you might not have the space or budget to own, but are accessible for rental. No apartment or wallet is too small to create a stylish experience for guests on a special occasion.  Our ‘Classic Affair’ party is a popular summer aesthetic inspired by Americana…think: outdoor dinners in locations like Nantucket. Right now, we’re offering customers set options, but soon we’ll be moving to a “mix and match” model where everything is entirely customized.

3. Personally, what is the most successful party you’ve thrown?

The most successful, and nearest to my heart, was my father’s 60th birthday. It was a surprise and we held it at Blue Hill at Stone Barns,which is on the Rockefeller estate where my parents often go horseback riding. We arranged it so that they would ride up behind the barn, and I made these huge letters that said “Happy Birthday James” that every guest held as he rode up. He thought it was for someone else and commenting to my mother as they approached how nice it was that someone would go to all that effort. Then he realized it was for him and he was in total shock. We had a change of clothing for him and we then had the loveliest lunch with thirty of our closest friends and family. The entire experience was just so personal and heartfelt. I had made each
table setting a picture of him from throughout his life and we had toasts and video tributes from loved ones who couldn’t attend.

4. Where did your love for cooking come from?

I think my love of cooking derives from my love of being social. I learned early on that the best way to gather friends and family is over a meal, so I just took charge and started offering to cook as a way to get everyone together.

5. Is there a dish you make that is a regular hit at parties?

During the summer I try and make dinner for friends and family every Sunday. I started making 6-hour smoked ribs on my charcoal grill a few years ago and the dish has become a staple. Whats great is you put the ribs on in the morning and then you check on them 3 times throughout the day but you have the rest of the day to make your sides and dessert. Whenever I make the ribs the table is always a little more packed than usual.

6. Are you trying to expand Pinch Parties to other states/planning on adding more themes?

New themes will be added before every upcoming season. Our next launch will be at the beginning of September and the parties will be more appropriate for fall/holiday events. We absolutely have plans to expand, we first want to perfect the science in New York City and then continue to grow.

Visit the PinchParties website for information on how you can order a package for your next event.

– Aimee Aurol