Outdoor Fest in NYC is Returning to All Five Boroughs


This 10 day Outdoor Fest adventure is an opportunity for New York city slickers to participate in physical activities and get in touch with nature. The hustle and bustle of NYC can get a bit stressful and too much to handle at times, so this outdoor extravaganza located in all five boroughs is the perfect opportunity to relieve some stress and to have fun with a few friends and family members. The downtown Outdoor Fest area is located at City Hall Park on Broadway in lower Manhattan, NY.

Some of the activities that will be available are camping, trail runs, yoga, stargazing, and much more. Children as well as adults can enjoy some quality time by the fire pits while roasting marshmallows to create decadent s’mores.

To attend this event patrons can purchase a ticket at Eventbrite that matches the color of the event you’d like to register for. For example: one blue ticket – one blue event. Once you have purchased that ticket, Eventbrite will send you back to the home page and you will be able to click “Add to my schedule.” Everyone must register individually for tickets as well.

If patrons would like to attend more than three events at the outdoor fest, there are festival wide passes available for purchase here. For more information please visit outdoorfest.com.

by- Albany Reed