Rising star and actor/producer Roberto Aguire honed his craft at NYU and is now ready to strike it big in the new film, <em>Stuck By Lightning</em>.

Photo By:  Sierra Prescott

Rising young film talent Robert Aguire has been raised with a global perspective but remains a loyal fan of New York City.

The precocious young actor and producer was born in Los Angeles to Mexican parents and raised in Switzerland…but later found his creative voice in Downtown Manhattan.

“My Dad was a banker and was transferred to Switzerland where I went to school as a child,” says the still-only 24-year-old, burgeoning entertainment mogul who is not only acting in the new coming-of-age film Struck By Lightning, penned by another rising star, Chris Colfer of Glee. “That’s where I became very adept at languages, learning French, Arabic and German.”

It’s also where he knew that his creative talents for mimicry and performing would someday become his career. “I love doing accents and it sort of worked with this film. In the beginning, I was supposed to be a Hungarian foreign-exchange student and I sort of developed the role to become a bigger character and a Latin Lover.”

Colfer’s unique script about a student who is struck and killed by lightning and then recounts how he manipulated his classmates into contributing to his literary magazine…so captivated the mega-motivated Aguire, that he also developed his own involvement in the film to become an actual producer, alongside Hollywood veteran Dave Permut (Face/Off)

“In Hollywood, you often find that actors are not truly invested in their films,” he says. “Being a producer gives you more control. David saw my passion for the project and gave me an opportunity. Actors only see the finished product it after it’s done. It’s been a year and a half since we shot. And I’ve been living the post-production and publicity experience ever since. This has been two-and-a-half years for me.”

Aguire’s ability to adapt himself to multiple challenges was developed during his time developing his craft at the Tisch School of the Arts. “It was a very enriching experience for me. at Tisch you are required to become all around experienced actor. You get training in voice, breathing, ballet…even Tai Chi. I graduated with an economics degree. They want you to be well rounded. That’s what attracted me. And helped give me a foundation for all of the other things I want to try.”

It’s also where he developed his love for New York. “I used to love to just sit in Union Square and people watch,” he recalls. “The Farmer’s Market there and the shops at Christmas-time made it almost a world unto itself.”

The LA resident still maintains ties to his college crew and gets back whenever he can, but he’s already hard at work on several new projects, including two new upcoming films and another production credit.

In the meantime, he’s juiced about Struck By Lightning…which is due in theaters on January 11.

“It’s a good story,” he says. “The kind I want to be telling whenever I dive in and produce a film.”

Mike Hammer