Get a Spring-Ready Body with Skin Care Treatments by NYC’s Haven Spa


    Is your skin crying for attention after a hard-fought winter? The snowy months can take a mean toll on your skin, and leave you less-than-eager to show off once the temperatures allow you to park the parka and opt for lighter clothing options. Shed your anxiety and refresh your skin this spring with the range of luxurious skin care treatment options offered by NYC’s Haven Spa.

    NYC Haven Spa Sign Skin Care

    In addition to their decadent massage packages, “mini escape” packages and waxing treatments, Haven offers a great set of treatments specially designed to refresh and hydrate your skin, take care of any irritating bumps or ingrown hairs and leave you glowing this spring. Here’s the rundown on these targeted treatments:

    Baby’s Bottom 

    Blemishes, dry skin and bumps on this sensitive area can be embarrassing once spring rolls around. In Haven Spa’s Baby’s Bottom treatment, this treatment will refresh and exfoliate this skin so you can slip on your newest bikini with confidence at your next beach party, island destination or trip to the pool.

    Peach Pit

    Ingrown hairs and underarm irritation can be an uncomfortable side effect of a lackluster skin care routine. This treatment will cleanse and rejuvenate the skin in your underarm area with specialized treatments to promote smoothness and unblock pores.

    Peach Smoothie 

    The bikini line is classically one of the most difficult areas to maintain. During this treatment, you’ll undergo exfoliation via an AHA scrub, followed by an acid peel to free trapped hairs and leave your skin touchably smooth.

    Valley Girl 

    The skin on the décolletage is sensitive, and caring for it correctly can be tricky. With the abundance of traffic from perfume and jewelry, this area is exposed to several elements that affect your skin, and compensating for that irritation and contact with foreign elements requires diligent care. This treatment exfoliates the upper neck and chest and finishes with a cherry peel for glowing, healthy skin.

    NYC Skin Care Haven Spa

    Learn more about Downtown NYC’s own Haven Spa and their comprehensive skin care treatment packages on their website, and to for more skin care tips, keep an eye on our Beauty Cabinet.