N’Onat founder and chief fashion designer, Nihan Onat Petree, recently came out with a fall collection of faux fur coats for women. These coats are specially designed with pelage that is very similar in look and feel to real animal fur, but without animal cruelty practices. The collection has over 10 different designs and coats. The vision in making these coats was for women to be able to look fashionable with the look of a high-end fur coat while also making cruelty-free choices.

Petree spent 25 years as a designer in Istanbul, and also worked as a stylist and creative director for fashion brands around the world. She worked a great deal with leather and fur in the women’s outerwear department, and was able to gain knowledge and understanding of fur and pelts through working with Turkish manufacturers. The philosophy of her new line was born from her work with real fur and leather, that there must be a better and more efficient way of creating elegant fur garments without harming any animals in the process.

N’Onat’s coats are ideal for the sophisticated working woman, no matter the age. Each coat design is entirely unique from the others, making the line accessible for all types of women on the move, from the conservative business executive who wants an elegant layer of warmth, to the millennial who wants a sporty coat for city life, and everyone in between. The amount of thought put into each design, and the women who will be wearing it, is visible.

All of her coats are equipped with light, airy lining that makes it easy to stay insulated without feeling weighed down. The real icing on the cake, though, is that the coats are made with materials that are resistant to damage from moths, so when you put it away for the summer, you know that it will still be just as elegant and hole-less when you unpack it in the winter.

Through the success of her company and the launch of her coats, Petree plans to donate a good portion of their annual revenues to animal rights organizations. These organizations work together in efforts to ban or eliminate using animals for any human activity including clothes, food, testing, and more.  N’onat uses the hashtag #savealifefur to help spread awareness for the use of animal cruelty-free designs.