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Photo: Courtesy of New York Presbyterian

The New York Presbyterian/ Lower Manhattan Cancer Center has officially opened near the Financial District. The state-of-the-art radiation oncology center is the only one of its kind in Lower Manhattan.

With the latest of radiation technologies, the team at the center can customize treatment to each individual’s unique case. With targeted therapy and radiosurgery technology, patients will be given specialized care.

“Patients in Lower Manhattan will now have access to the exact same quality of care available at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and Weill Cornell Medicine, without the need to miss work or skip other obligations to receive treatments,” said Dr. Silvia Formenti, head radiation oncologist-in-chief Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, “This is a unique environment which blends top care with an enhanced patient experience, catering to the busy schedules of residents and workers downtown.”

The Lower Manhattan Cancer center will be able to give its patients the benefits from clinical and translational research aimed to improve a variety of cancer treatments including radiation oncology, radiotherapy combined with immunotherapy, and more.

Patients will be put at ease by the center’s calm atmosphere, designed for smooth recovery. The center offers aroma and Reitki therapy alongside yoga, meditation, and acupuncture for patients to recover well.

-by Kari Sonde