New York’s Hot spots to cool down this summer



With back to back weekend blizzards and bone-chilling cold, New Yorkers couldn’t have desired summer any sooner this year. Now according to the 2014 Farmer’s Almanac, we are headed from one extremity to the other as the City waits for the hottest summer on record, expecting scorching heat and stifling humidity.

We trust you in taking all precautions necessary to keep your body chilled and sunburn free. So let us share some tips on keeping your taste-buds from drying as well with some of New York’s hot spots to cool down.

PopBar NYC

Lactose and gluten-free, kosher certified and vegan friendly, PopBar offers you anything ranging from gelato and sorbets to yogurt on a stick made fresh daily in their own popLab for everyone to see. Drop by 5 Carmine St and stick around for a refreshing pop creation or two!

You can also visit their page at and create your own Poptreat!

DF Mavens

With a soy collection, sugar-free collection and almond collection, DF Mavens goes above and beyond to combine the finest and healthiest ingredients to please all the masses with a sweet tooth. One bite of their dessert and you will have the best dairy-free day of your life.

In addition, a portion of DF Mavens’ profit goes to Mercy for Animals, a national organization dedicated to stop cruelty to farmed animals and promoting progressive food choices and policies. Come see what they’re all about in East Village, Astoria, or any grocery store in Manhattan.

Melt Bakery

What started out as a humble stand at the Hester Street Fair 4 years ago has now become New York’s first ice cream sandwich store, and an excellent one at that. Melt Bakery uses locally sourced ingredients with seasonal flavor combinations for all of their ice cream and cookies, made daily from scratch. Come have a taste of what these pioneers have to offer at 132 Orchard St.

Caffé Bene

The leading franchise in the South Korean coffee market, with an essence of the traditional European coffeehouse as their infrastructure, Caffé Bene offers you a bit of everything. The farther you search, the sweeter it gets in their menu packed with dessert drinks, delightful brunch items, fruity smoothies to go; you name it. Come to 1611 Broadway and spend the afternoon; if you’re in a rush take a bubble or a Pat Bingsu to go; fair warning, you may feel the urge to come right back!

– Luis Cuevas