When you know Mario Testino is involved in a project, you can be sure it will be sensational. And when this Peruvian-born fashion photographer turns his camera on the incredible folk fashions of his own country, Peru, it means that you are going to see traditional style with a whole new perspective. These large-scale images of the people of Peru, will floor you with riotous color. The exhibition is called “Alta Moda” – “high fashion” in Spanish and features backdrops from the late Peruvian photographer, Martin Chambi’s work. Testino commented: “It’s a tribute to traditional Peruvian costumes, to their embroideries, their colors, the fabrics that are still worn in the Andes.”

Mario Testino on location in Peru
Mario Testino on location in Peru

The exhibit is currently at the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute on the Upper East Side and runs until March 29th.

For more information, visit this site.

Fiona Tedds


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