Made Nice


The people behind Eleven Madison Park — awarded best restaurant in the world in 2017! — and the Nomad recently opened a more casual spot in Midtown: Made Nice. The food is indeed made nice, using the same flavors and ingredients as their other restaurants. But Made Nice won’t break the bank. Instead of paying the usual $295 per guest at Eleven Madison Park, they offer dishes between 11 and 22 dollars, making it accessible to pretty much everyone.

The food

The menu revolves mostly around healthy salads, greens and grains for lunch. Made Nice is similar to Sweet Green, but you can’t really compare the two. The food at Made Nice is placed perfectly on a luxurious black tray, and you can easily pair your dish with a glass of wine. There’s no chaos or pressure to move fast along the counter, making the whole experience at Made Nice a lot more enjoyable.

Our favorite salad was the Salmon Rosti: A frisée salad with smoked salmon, soft-boiled egg, dill-caper relish, potato croutons, cucumber, radish, pickled onion & buttermilk vinaigrette. The potato croutons are unlike any other croutons you’ve had before, and that dill-caper relish really is delicious! With only one dinner option on the menu — roasted chicken with lemon parmesan stuffing, crispy herb frites and a pickled vegetable salad — and two side dishes, it’s clear it comes down to quality over quantity.

Ending on a Sweet Note

There’s only one dessert on the menu to satisfy your sweet tooth, but it will do the trick just fine. A refreshing milk ice cream with honey brittle, oat shortbread and buckwheat honey. Who knew a simple soft serve could be so divine?