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Applying your makeup has become more than your day to day beauty regimen, it’s a part of your image and self-expression. Have you ever felt like once your specs go on, all of that disappears? Here are 8 beauty tips for you to flawlessly  express yourself while rocking your frames.

1. It’s all about your eye makeup: Use bold eyeshadow colors like gold, red, blues, greens, and pink. If you’re a pastele color type of gal, apply concealer under your eyeshadow for that extra pop!

2. Lashes: Add volume and length or go for some fake lashes.

3.  Eyeliners: You can’t go wrong with eyeliners. This may be the best tool, you have so many options of the fierce wing or double wing. You can apply a thick full line across the eye and switch it up with colors: gold, silver, purple, and greens.

4. Eyebrows: Keep your eyebrows neat, there is nothing more alluring than a well arch shaped brow, fill in as much as you need too with a brow pencil. Be sure to align your brows properly for the best results!

5. Add concealer: Concealer is like your highlighter, apply it under and above your brow for that extra pop!

6. Foundation: If you wear foundation, avoid any that’ll smudge and leave your glasses’ imprint on your face. Once you take your glasses off, everyone will see your the mark they’ve left when they come off! You certainly don’t want that!

7. Bronzer: Add a shimmery bronzer on your cheeks for an extra cute glow which will compliment your frames.

8. Lipstick: A lip is definitely necessary. Go for a color that best compliments the rest of your makeup, if you prefer softer colors you can always apply a liner and concealer for an extra pop of color, otherwise go bold!

With these eight makeup tips you and your glasses are now ready to show off your new makeup styles.

-by Krissy Lewis