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Happy Art Fair Season

Wait…What is an art fair?
An art fair is like a very high-end street fair without the street and mozzarella arepas. It is essentially a trade show of galleries from around the world, showcasing art that is all for sale. 

Where are these fairs coming?
The art fairs are coming to New York City. Every Spring — which has technically arrived — there is a series of fairs during the first week of March and the first week of May with some scattered in between. If you missed those in March, fear not. There are still quite a few coming up, giving you ample opportunity to see what it’s all about.

The fairs vary in quality — some are high-end and others are emerging. The high-end ones attract the most prestigious galleries from around the world that carry the most expensive art. The other end of the spectrum includes relatively young galleries and art of varying quality at a lower price point.

What do I do at an art fair? 
See art, see people, and generally eat over-priced very small sandwiches.  For a full run down of my latest visit to the Miami art fairs, check out my guest blog post on Nat’s Next Adventure.

When, When, When?
Here is a list of the approaching fairs:

Can I go? 
Yes! Anyone can go. Tickets are available for sale in advance or at the door, and if you know someone who knows someone, you can likely get in for free with a VIP pass. Just like gallery hopping, however, going to an art fair unguided can be an inefficient time spend and moderately overwhelming. While you see a ton of art, it can be hard to assess quality and value while your brain goes into overdrive. Going to the right fair and finding that budget-friendly, space-fitting, incredible piece can be a challenge. If you see something you like, take your time to talk to the gallery and do your research. Make sure you have full information before swiping your card, and call us with any questions!

Katharine Earnhardt is the President of Mason Lane Art Advisory Services, a boutique New York firm that helps residential and corporate clients find art to fit their taste, space, and budget.