Living Color Take Charge of Your Color

Living Color Take Charge of Your Color
Photographer Jason Goodrich

Helping clients take charge of their color.

Kala feels it is key to have a sustainable relationship with the color of your choice and, more importantly, with your colorist. If you choose a more extreme color, you
will require more maintenance to keep it fresh and healthy. A good colorist will ask questions about your lifestyle and make recommendations about how to always look your best.

For example, clients often have concerns about silver or gray hair. To Kala, those natural silver streaks are part of a pattern we are blessed with after a certain age. Today, having silver hair can be a chic fashion statement. Silver, however, is also a commitment, and not just a hot trend. Kala says, “Some people look great with silver hair, and some want to cover it up.” Whatever you decide about your silver locks, it is important to discuss what it takes to maintain your choice and to make sure it fits in with your lifestyle.


Living Color Take Charge of Your Color
Model Sydney Sabean with her new, dimensional hair color. Photographer Jason Goodrich, Stylist Laurean Ossoiro, Dress Designer Celestino Coutour


Whether you choose to go silver, gold, ash, or even wildly dramatic with fashion colors such as purple, red, or green, the key will be managing your color and not allowing it to manage you. Your colorist can give you important information such as the longevity of certain tones and shades, as well as how it will work with the texture of your hair. Certain shades and treatments need to be refreshed every six to eight weeks, whereas others only require three or four visits a year.

The most successful color, says Kala, should be organic and natural.

Your color choice should allow you to adjust slightly as needed but still be consistent throughout the seasons. When you have a color that you love, and it isn’t stressful to maintain, it makes your salon visits a pleasure.

“It is fine to have that longevity with your style and look,” says Kala, “and you can transition from season to season without affecting the integrity of the hair.” He continues, “It is important that the design, choice of color and the habits of good conditioning, repairing, and protection, match the texture and health of the hair.” Since healthier hair holds color better, it will free you from the commitment of coming to the salon more often.


Living Color Take Charge of Your Color
Model Sydney Sabean with her new, dimensional hair color. Photographer Jason Goodrich, Stylist Laurean Ossoiro, Dress Designer Celestino Coutour


Lastly, Kala stresses that maintaining your color really comes down to the relationship you have with your hair at home. Hair is made of the same components of skin and nails, which means that your hair needs as much love as you give your skin and nails.

“You should have a day to care for your hair,” says Kala.

“For instance, choose a good conditioning treatment to protect it and return it to its natural state and to prepare it for future services.” Keep some kind of record of your lifestyle and how your hair is affected by your environment. The technology of how color treatments are applied has evolved so much and your colorist can advise you on the latest in glazes and toners that are full of protein and collagen, two things hair needs to survive the rigors of modern life. Kala calls them filters. “Your hair will look healthier. Those filters will maintain the health of your hair as well as give your color long life and beauty.” 



Living Color Take Charge of Your Color
HAIR MASTERS Fabio Doti (left), and Yexael Kala of Fabio Doti Salon. Model Sydney Sabean wears Celestino Couture. Makeup by Christianah Watson. with her new, dimensional hair color. Photographer Jason Goodrich, Stylist Laurean Ossoiro, Dress Designer Celestino Coutour


ONE OF THE MOST SATISFYING ways to change up your look is to book an appointment with a colorist at your favorite salon. The options are endless—change your color completely, add highlights (or lowlights!), cover gray hair or roots, or embrace your silver locks and give them a boost. But color services can also have a dark side for the health of your hair, your schedule, and your wallet.

Yexael Kala, a master colorist at Fabio Doti Salon in Manhattan’s Financial District, helps his clients choose the best color services from a full menu of techniques such as dimensional or corrective color, baby lights, ombre, balayage, color melting, and so much more. Kala immigrated from Colombia to pursue his dream of becoming a master colorist and began his career at the world-renowned Carsten Aveda Institute of New York. We spoke with him about the best way to have a sustainable and manageable way to maintain a gorgeous head of hair.

“Managing your color properly is about finding balance, and not about having a high-maintenance color that makes you go to the salon once a month, every three weeks, or even every ten days,” says Kala.

“The real concern should be making sure your color matches your lifestyle and your routine.”
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