stone barn 2
Photo courtesy of Stone Barns Center

Downtown Magazine editors love every aspect of big city living. However, every now and then, we need a change of pace. Throughout the summer we will be releasing our Editors Picks for great day-trip/ get away destinations that are fun for the whole family.

Urbanites can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience farm life through Stone Barn Center and its sister facility Blue Hill Farms; both make for a delightfully rustic getaway.

Stone Barns Center has a number of programs for families to learn all about sustainable farming practices like proper crop rotation through various education programs. The barn is a non-profit dedicated to educating the public on resource depletion (such as the importance of conserving natural resources in farming), environmental degradation, epidemics of disease and obesity, and foods that do not represent the true costs of production. They have a number of weekend activities that are fun for kids of all ages. Families have an opportunity to have hands on interaction with farm animals, crafting food items, and gardening as well as partake in activities which range from making pesto to felting wool.

Blue Hill
An interior room of Blue Hill Farm. Photo courtesy of Blue Hills Farm

Guests also have a chance to visit the luxurious Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Sharing the same property, Blue Hill Farm is a working farm and restaurant. Rather than provide a traditional menu, guests are offered a multi-taste “Grazing, Rooting, Pecking” selection featuring in-season offerings from the farm for a gourmet dining experience.

Stone Barns is about an hour from downtown by car.  It can also be reached by train by going from Grand Central Station to Pleasantville Metro North, where you will need to take a cab from the station for the remaining six miles of your journey. New Yorkers may also opt for a ZipCar or an alternate mode of transportation.

More information on Stone Barns Center can be found by visiting their website.

-by Alyssa Bajek