With more people conscious of the risks of fried goods and sugar than ever, a demand for healthy snacks is on the rise.

Multiple new products carry labels that state, “Non-GMO,” “Certified Organic,” “Preservatives Free,” and more to ensure that the public is aware of how the products are sourced and processed.

A wonderful new product line that embodies this principle of nutrition is LifeIce created by Paulette Fox.

LifeIce is frozen “cubette” treats with a similar texture to a popsicle in four flavor varieties. There is “Berry Bite” (blueberries, blackberries, black currant, and yumberry), “Chocolate Crisp” (cocoa, cherry, black currant and vanilla), “Citrus Chomp” (orange, lemon, ginger, mangosteen and baobab), and “Green Grind” (kale, spirulina, banana and apple).

These ingenious low-calorie snacks (max 35 calories) are all made with a base of coconut water and agave for a touch of sweetness. Furthermore, the ingredients sourced are Non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), gluten-free, and without preservatives, making LifeIce the ultimate guiltless, clean, and sweet treat.

The ices came to be through as a result of Fox’s mother and her battle with ovarian cancer. A doctor recommended ice chips as patients responded well to the crunch of ice and its soothing properties. Fox began blending and freezing her own recipes of nutritional ices in which her mother enjoyed during her treatments.  Two years later after extensive  research and development the LifeIce brand was born.

Sold to be shelf-stable, each package comes with two trays of 12 cubes to be popped into the freezer and is available at these NY distributors:

Amish Market West: amishmarketwest.com (731 Ninth Ave.)

Elm Health: elmhealth.net (56 Seventh Ave.)

Gary Null’s Uptown Whole Foods: grocery.com/stores/uptownwholefoods (2421 Broadway)

G-Free: g-freenyc.com (77A West 85th St.)

The Health Nuts: manhattanhealthfoodstore.com (2611 Broadway)

The Kosher Marketplace: thekoshermarketplace.com/Home.html (2442 Broadway)

Westside Market: wmarketnyc.com (2171 Broadway)

For more information, please visit lifeice.com

–Joseph Amella, Jr.


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