Lenox Hill HealthPlex Opens In Greenwich Village



Image: Lenox Hill Hospital

St. Vincent Hospital was once the primary medical center for residents of Greenwich Village. Four years ago, however, financial issues forced St. Vincent to close its doors. Recently, Lenox Hill Hospital has filled the void with a new freestanding emergency center for the residents of Greenwich Village: Lenox Hill HealthPlexa project valued at $150 million.

Lenox Hill HealthPlex will open its doors on July 15 and is located on 7th avenue, between West 12th and West 13th. Once the doors open, they won’t close; the Healthplex will run 24/7 and will take in anybody for treatment, regardless of ability to pay. The hospital will have 150 staff members, 26 private patient emergency room bays, and 2 critical care beds. The faculty will consist of two board-certified medicine doctors, a physician’s assistant, a psychiatrist, a social worker, and a handful of technicians.

The HealthPlex will offer high-tech telemedicine; each bedside will have two high fidelity cameras and screens. This feature will allow a doctor and/or patient to talk with relatives unable to visit, and consult with other medical specialists from 15 hospitals associated with the North Shore-LIJ Health System, as well as Lenox Hill Hospital.

There are 400 freestanding hospitals in the country, and Lenox Hill HealthPlex is the first in Manhattan. The HealthPlex is will by adding more medical services, which will include ambulatory surgery, outpatient rehabilitation, and health and wellness services by 2015.

-Gaelle Gilles